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In September 2023, the City offered an opportunity for residents to provide input on what City Council’s priorities should be for the next two years. “Affordable housing/housing affordability and homelessness” ranked among the top five. 

In response to community feedback, City Council has made supporting the creation and maintenance of affordable housing one of the City’s top priorities and included several initiatives to address this issue in the Virginia Beach FY24-25 Focused Action Plan.

Housing & Neighborhood Preservation is leading an educational and outreach effort called Housing Matters to help increase residents’ understanding of affordable housing and the specific needs in Virginia Beach.

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Affordable housing is a top priority for the City, but how much do you really know about this issue? Take a short, five-minute quiz at SpeakUpVB.com. Your participation may provide you with new insight on this issue and help shape future educational initiatives.

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Virginia Beach Housing Study

The 2024 study provides an analysis of current housing trends and identifies strategies to address the housing needs in the city.

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Affordable Housing FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about affordable housing.

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Why Does Housing Matter?

Learn how affordable housing contributes to a high quality of life in Virginia Beach.

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Myths and Misconceptions

Unlock the truths about affordable housing.

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Opening Doors

Learn how the City has expanded affordable housing opportunities and ways to be engaged.

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Housing Resources

Find resources for affordable rental housing, homebuyer programs, tenant/landlord issues and more.

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