Why Housing Matters

Row of homes with American flags

Housing is the key to safe and vibrant neighborhoods.

Safe, well-maintained homes contribute to beautiful, vibrant neighborhoods.

When people live in housing that is affordable, they have more income to use towards property maintenance and invest in upgrades and improvements. Homeowners also have more income to make accessibility modifications that allow them to remain in their home safely and comfortably.

Code Enforcement’s role is to promote vibrant neighborhoods by maintaining the safety and appearance of existing structures and properties in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Housing and Neighborhood Preservation also provides assistance to eligible low- to moderate-income households to help make necessary home rehabilitation and accessibility modifications more affordable.

Housing is the key to a strong economy.

Businesses are able to attract and retain workers when their employees are able to live and work in the same city. And, when workers have housing that is affordable, they can meet their basic needs and have other funds to spend in our local economy.

RiverLake Workforce Housing

Seven workforce housing units at RiverLake are integrated throughout the development and nearly indistinguishable from the other 35 homes.

Workforce Housing at Riverlake

Housing is the key to healthy families and individuals, and to helping everyone thrive.

When people cannot afford housing, they may accept living conditions that are substandard, unsafe or inadequate for their situation. 

Residents who are housing cost-burdened may also sacrifice necessities such as healthy food, transportation, health care and childcare. They may also be unable to take advantage of opportunities for educational enrichment for adults and children.

Affordable housing increases family stability and well-being, leads to better educational attainment and career achievement, improves financial stability and leads to a thriving city.

Paper model of the house with keys hanging from chimney

Housing is the key to making homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring.

According to individuals who accessed the Virginia Beach service system for shelter in 2023, the top two reasons they became homeless were because they could not afford increased rent or they were evicted.

People are also staying homeless longer due to limited permanent housing.

Increasing the service system’s capacity to provide permanent, affordable housing opportunities is needed to significantly reduce homelessness in Virginia Beach.

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove is the first permanent supportive rental housing community in Hampton Roads developed for homeless and/or disabled U.S. veterans. It serves households that earn less than 50% of the area median income. Sixteen apartments are fully accessible.

Cedar Grove apartment complex