In November 2022, the City Council approved an ordinance to fund an updated housing study and report, which was previously completed in 2016. An updated study was needed to analyze the current housing market and identify strategies to address housing needs in Virginia Beach, considering the pandemic and other demographic changes that have had a major impact over the last several years.

The updated housing study, completed in January 2024, was conducted by the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) and HousingForward Virginia. The consultants’ final report includes demographics and trends and proposes eight overall strategies to address affordable housing needs in Virginia Beach for Council’s consideration. 

Staff will seek Council’s feedback and direction on potential next steps after Council has had the opportunity to review and discuss the information presented in the final report.

Local and regional data; best practices; and input from eight public meetings, an online survey, expert and stakeholder focus groups and consultant interviews with Council members were part of VCHR and HousingForward Virginia’s analysis and proposed strategy development.

2024 Virginia Beach Housing Study

  • Consumer Report (16 pages): Provides highlights and insights from the study.
  • Full Report (113 pages): Expands on data analysis, methodology and recommendations.